Hodeidah and the impending step toward famine in Yemen

With forces aligned to President Hadi and his coalition backers nearly in control of Yemen’s port town of Mocha, the governorate of Hodeidah, just 40 km to the north, is now within their reach. A major offensive has been underway up Yemen’s west coast since Hadi relocated troops and heavy weapons there at the beginning of December. The coastal district of Dhubab in Taiz was retaken by mid-January, and his forces announced their control of Mocha Port on January 23, albeit prematurely as Houthi/Saleh forces continued putting up fierce resistance there for the remainder of the month. Foreign diplomats and international humanitarian NGOs are increasingly worried an attack is now imminent on Hode

The Yemen Trend - December 2016 Issue

By the beginning of December the stage was being set by the Hadi government for a major military escalation on multiple fronts. The president and vice president moved to Aden and Marib, respectively, coinciding with major troop and equipment movement toward the battle lines. By the end of December Hadi-aligned forces had captured villages in Nehm district of Sana’a and secured key areas of Shabwa governorate. Meanwhile, a joint communiqué issued by the quad appears to have modified the sequencing of the roadmap as to require the implementation of all political and security steps to begin before Hadi is to transfer his presidential authority, but whether or not he is to remain in power until

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