Close to the food but not far from famine

Why are the people of Hodeidah suffering from the highest rate of malnutrition nationwide if their governorate brings in over 80 percent of all food imports and it is endowed with relatively plentiful fishing and agricultural resources? Compared to its neighbors, Hodeidah has a variety of socioeconomic differences extending back decades and it has followed a different trajectory during the course of the current conflict. This paper seeks to explore these differences in order to encourage a more nuanced, localized approach to many of the crucial questions currently being asked.

The Yemen Trend - March 2017 Issue

With as little as three months worth of food stocks remaining, tens of thousands of newly displaced, and sustained fighting in nearly half of Yemen’s governorates, the humanitarian catastrophe continued to unfold in March. Attention remains fixed on Hodeidah, where a UAE-led offensive to capture the country’s main port is anticipated. The escalation is expected to exacerbate what is already considered the largest humanitarian crisis on earth, and both sides are being accused of weaponizing aid. UN Envoy Ismail Ould Cheikh toured several Gulf and European countries, including London where a meeting on March 13 convened the Quint – the foreign ministers of the US, UK, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Om

Rethinking Yemen's Economy

The European Union and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Yemen announced on Friday the launch of a new initiative to identify the economic and development priorities in Yemen. The initiative is implemented through a partnership between DeepRoot Consulting, CARPO, and the Sana’a Center for Strategic Studies (SCSS). It aims to engage Yemeni development leaders from the private sector, academia, and economic experts in identifying Yemen’s economic and development priorities in Yemen during and after the conflict. This 2-year initiative, which was announced in Bonn, Germany, will provide a platform to reimagine the Yemeni economy through a series of research studies, economic foru

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