INTRODUCTION The current conflict in Yemen follows decades of political and economic turmoil. Any future reconstruction efforts will face a daunting task. For example, World Bank estimates from 10 cities in Yemen revealed a quarter of the road network was partially or fully destroyed as of 2016, with power production halved and half of all water, sewage and sanitation infrastructure damaged. With the intensification of the conflict since, it is expected that current levels of destruction are far greater. In early 2017 the United Nations also declared Yemen the site of the world’s worst humanitarian crisis; as of April 2018, roughly 22.2 million Yemenis were in need of humanitarian assistance

Diaspora Bonds: Harnessing the Potential of Yemeni Returnees

Saudi Arabia’s efforts to nationalize its labor market has resulted in thousands of laborers returning to Yemen. Yemeni workers are often unable to use the formal banking sector in Saudi Arabia, instead participating in the informal economy, and returnees have brought with them considerable savings. Yemeni workers in Saudi Arabia send over a billion dollars in remittances back home every year, but due to Yemen’s fragile banking sector and weak real estate market, they lack a way to safely invest their money. In its latest publication, DeepRoot Consulting provides an overview of the Yemeni diaspora in Saudi Arabia and proposes that the Central Bank of Yemen may be able to capitalize on this l

The Yemen Trend - April 2018 Issue

Throughout April, intensified military activity in the western coastal districts brought changes on the ground and a high number of casualties. In western Taiz, Tareq Saleh, the nephew of the former president, began commanding a group that his supporters and the coalition are referring to as the Yemeni National Resistance Forces. In Hajjah, with the backing of Sudanese and Saudi troops the Hadi military raised the Yemeni flag in Midi town on April 11. In Hodeidah port city, where these coastal military campaigns are ultimately directed toward, Supreme Political Council head Saleh Al-Sammad was killed in an airstrike on April 19, and replaced by Mehdi Mohammed Hussein Al-Mashat. Several of th

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