INTRODUCTION Local councils are among Yemen’s most important state institutions. Responsible for providing basic public services to millions of Yemenis, local councils represent official governance and the Yemeni state for much of the population. The intensification of the ongoing conflict between the internationally recognized government and the Houthis since March 2015, however, has heavily impacted funding and security for local councils, undermining their ability to provide services effectively in most areas of the country. The reduced capacity of local councils to function is cause for much concern as the conflict rages on and Yemen’s economic and humanitarian crises deepen. With an aim

The Yemen Trend - June 2018 Issue

In an effort to prevent the battle over Hodeidah port from pushing into city center, UN Envoy Martin Griffiths is leading a concerted effort to resume political negotiations. The long-awaited operation on the city began on June 13. UAE-led forces captured the airport after a week, but the pace of fighting slowed in an attempt to provide Griffiths time to work out a deal that would see an unconditional Houthi withdrawal from the port city. The Houthis insist on a ceasefire and UN management of the port, which remained open the entire month. Import levels are down, however, and there is a risk that if imports drop substantially or cease altogether for a prolonged period, famine (IPC Phase 5) c

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