INTRODUCTION The government is the biggest employer in Yemen. Yemen’s public sector experienced rapid growth in the 1990s, when patronage was rife and political parties sought to win support by distributing jobs in the civil and military services. By 2014, the public sector payroll included 30.6 percent of the Yemeni labor force, as shown in Figure 1.1 This payroll was inflated, however, as it included significant numbers of “double-dippers”, who held more than one position and received multiple salaries, as well as “ghost workers”, who did not exist but whose salaries were collected by their supervisors. As shown in Figure 2, in 2017 up to 40 percent of the population was dependent on gove

The Yemen Trend - January and February 2019 Issue

More than two months after Yemen’s warring parties met in Sweden to agree to a series of measures to begin paving the way for a peace settlement, Yemenis are more than ever reliant on the largest aid effort in the world. According to the 2019 Humanitarian Needs Overview, 24.1 million Yemenis – 80 percent of the population – require one or more forms of humanitarian assistance, marking a significant deterioration from 2018. In order to meet these needs, the United Nations requested an unprecedented $4.2 billion from donors at the High-Level Pledging Event for the Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen, held in Geneva on February 26. The UN fell short of its goal, only securing $2.62 billion in pledges

Agriculture: A primary pillar for economic re-construction in post-conflict Yemen

Yemen, a land of diverse and fertile landscapes once serving as cross-roads for trade and communication was described by the Romans as “Arabia Felix” meaning “Flourishing Arabia” (اليمن السعيد). The country was indeed the first to cultivate coffee, and dominated the trade in spices and oriental aromatic resins and gums. The Yemen of today is not quite the same. In November of last year it was described by the UN Secretary General as the ‘worst humanitarian crisis’, where 3 quarters of the population are in need of humanitarian assistance. Following decades of poverty, and over 4 years of conflict, Yemen is on the brink of collapse. Looking ahead, through a lens of hope and aspiration, Yemen’

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