The Suffering Beyond the Stalemate: The Humanitarian Context in Serwah District

The people of Serwah in Marib governorate have suffered through more than four years of conflict, with an active frontline that continues to divide their land and block the main road through the district. This report attempts to provide a better understanding of the conditions present in Serwah, namely with regards to the humanitarian situation and the destruction of infrastructure that has occurred as a result of the hostilities. The research was conducted for the “Supporting Inclusive Peace-Making Efforts and Political Transition in Yemen” project funded by the European Union and implemented in partnership between DeepRoot Consulting and the Crisis Management Initiative (CMI). The infor


INTRODUCTION The conflict in Yemen has created the worst humanitarian crisis in the world; this has been exacerbated by the devastation of the country’s economy. As the conflict approaches its fifth year, fighting has damaged state institutions and destroyed physical infrastructure, including schools, hospitals, road networks, businesses and homes. The state’s provision of basic services such as health care, education, water and electricity, was weak prior to the conflict, and these services have deteriorated further during the war; in addition, the state has not paid regular salaries to its civil servants since 2016. The social fabric has also been severely damaged. The conflict has driven

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