Yemen’s bloated public sector employment was a strain on the state budget prior to the conflict, accounting for an average of 32 percent of government spending between 2001 and 2014. During the conflict, the warring parties have added large numbers of new employees to the public payroll, particularly the military and security services, while Yemen’s economy has shrunk. Yemen is also struggling with a large public budget deficit, which was estimated at 660 billion Yemeni rials in 2018, equivalent to US$1.24 billion (at the average US$/YR exchange rate for 2018). Post-conflict, reconstruction will be a priority for public expenditure and external support; Yemen may struggle to find consistent

بناة السلام المحليين في تعز يداً بيد في مسيرة طويلة نحو السلام

اجتمعت قيادات من المجتمع المدني والقطاع الخاص هذا الشهر في عمان-الأردن لعقد ورشة عمل حول بناء السلام على المستوى المحلي في تعز سعياً منهم لتعزيز الجهود المحلية للتخفيف من المعاناة الإنسانية في المحافظة. وتأتي هذه الورشة بتنظيم من مؤسسة ديب روت للاستشارات بالشراكة مع مبادرة إدارة الأزمات الفنلندية CMI، كجزء من مشروع ممول من الاتحاد الأوروبي لدعم جهود صنع السلام الشاملة والانتقال السياسي في اليمن. بعد أكثر من أربع سنوات من القتال المستمر تحولت تعز إلى واحدة من أكثر المناطق تضرراً مما أصبح يعرف على نطاق واسع بأسوأ أزمة إنسانية على وجه الأرض. وبالرغم من كل الدمار، إلا أن تعز لا تزال موطنًا لمجتمع مدني نشط وثري بالخبرات، فلطالما عمل الناشطون الاجتماعيون والقادة المجتمعيون في تعز وفي الخارج بجد وا

On long march toward peace in Taiz, local peacebuilders join hands

Yemeni civil society and private sector leaders gathered in Amman this month for a workshop on grassroots peacebuilding in Taiz, seeking to enhance local efforts to alleviate the humanitarian suffering in the governorate. DeepRoot convened the workshop with its implementing partner Crisis Management Initiative (CMI), as part of the European Union IcSP-funded project Supporting Inclusive Peacemaking Efforts and Political Transition in Yemen. Despite the devastation, Taiz continues to be home to a rich and active civil society. Social activists and community leaders both in Taiz and abroad have long been working hard to renew a culture of coexistence and bolster ceasefire and other de-escalato


The business and investment climate for private sector actors in Yemen has long been challenging. The current conflict has expanded and magnified these changes such that today Yemen is last or near last in a host of global business competitiveness indexes. Many businesses across the country have closed and moved their capital elsewhere, while many of those that remain open have had to make drastic cuts to their workforces. However, relative to the public sector – which has seen the near collapse of most government institutions – the private sector has shown a far greater degree of resilience. Businesses have stepped in to replace absent government services in many areas, allowing access to b

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