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DeepRoot announces its Advisory Board

DeepRoot is excited to announce the formation of our new Advisory Board, a group of experts who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience spanning several aspects of development. This board will help guide the strategy of DeepRoot working closely with the leadership team, and will provide critical recommendations and counsel as we continue to grow. The Advisory Board is comprised of:


Amatalim Alsoswa United Nations Assistant Secretary-General and Assistant Administrator of UNDP (2006-2012). Managing Director of the Executive Bureau for the Acceleration of Aid Absorption and Support for Policy Reforms (2014-2015).


Ginny Hill Founder and former convenor of the Yemen Forum at Chatham House in London. Member of the UN Security Council Sanctions Committee Panel of Experts on Yemen (2015 - 2016).


Hedi Larbi Visiting scholar at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Ex-Minister of Economic Infrastructure & Sustainable Development in Tunisia and advisor to the MENA Vice President at the World Bank.


You can learn more about the backgrounds of the Advisory Board members by visiting our Advisory Board page.

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