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The Yemen Trend - June 2017 Issue

The cholera epidemic dominated headlines on Yemen in June, and for good reason: the cumulative total of reported cholera cases more than doubled throughout the month to a quarter of a million, with over 1,400 associated deaths. At the same time, the peace process showed few signs of progress. The Hadi government said it is “fully prepared to discuss” the UN envoy’s proposals, but the Houthi/Saleh alliance said Ould Cheikh is “not welcome” anymore, leaving little hope the UN Security Council’s June 15 presidential statement will translate into action. Meanwhile, former vice president and prime minister Khaled Bahah returned to Hadhramout and Hadi sacked three governors who had joined the recently formed Southern Transitional Council. On the military front, army forces aligned to Hadi made moderate gains in Taiz city and Serwah district of Marib throughout June.

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