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The Yemen Trend - July 2017 Issue

Nearly 190,000 new cases of cholera were reported in July and mid-way through the month the cholera crisis became the worst on record for a single year, surpassing in less than three months the number of cases reported in Haiti in 2011. The epidemic appears to have peaked by the beginning of July, but the Red Cross predicted by the end of 2017 the total number of suspected cases will exceed 600,000. Meanwhile, the Southern Transitional Council held a rally in Aden and released a statement establishing new departments and banning the Muslim Brotherhood, while UN Envoy Ould Cheikh said he plans to invite the Houthi/GPC delegation to resume discussions “as soon as possible.” Fighting continued in at least nine Yemeni governorates at largely stagnant front lines, except for in western Taiz where UAE-led forces captured Khaled Bin Walid, one of Yemen’s largest military camps.

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