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The Yemen Trend - June 2018 Issue

In an effort to prevent the battle over Hodeidah port from pushing into city center, UN Envoy Martin Griffiths is leading a concerted effort to resume political negotiations. The long-awaited operation on the city began on June 13. UAE-led forces captured the airport after a week, but the pace of fighting slowed in an attempt to provide Griffiths time to work out a deal that would see an unconditional Houthi withdrawal from the port city. The Houthis insist on a ceasefire and UN management of the port, which remained open the entire month. Import levels are down, however, and there is a risk that if imports drop substantially or cease altogether for a prolonged period, famine (IPC Phase 5) could result in three to four months.

President Hadi met Sheikh Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan in the UAE on the eve of the Hodeidah operation, then returned to Aden for the remainder of the month. The timing of the visit and the relative calm between the Hadi government and the UAE – as well as it’s allied separatist and security groups in Aden – signals a shift in the relationship between the two governments. To read about all the major economic, humanitarian, political, and military developments that took place in Yemen throughout the month, access the full June 2018 issue of the Yemen Trend by clicking on the PDF icon below.

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