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The Yemen Trend - July 2018 Issue

The battle for control over Hodeidah port intensified in late July, following an attack on a Saudi oil tanker off the west coast that led Saudi Arabia to suspend its oil shipments through the Bab Al-Mandeb strait. On July 31, Mohammed Al-Houthi announced a cessation of all naval operations from August 1-15, although the move was unilateral and the conditions were unclear. UN Envoy Martin Griffiths visited Sana’a twice and Aden once throughout July. The Houthis said they would give the UN “direct control” of Hodeidah port in exchange for a governorate-wide ceasefire, while the Hadi government and coalition maintained their call for a full Houthi withdrawal from the city, and Prime Minister Bin Dagher demanded all prisoners be released in a show of good will.

Meanwhile, food and fuel imports through Hodeidah fell far short of the quantity required to meet national needs, raising fears that famine and another cholera outbreak are not far off. To read about all the major economic, humanitarian, political, and military developments that took place in Yemen throughout the month, access the full July 2018 issue of the Yemen Trend by clicking on the PDF icon below.

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