Empowering Local Authorities To Lead Economic Development In Yemen

This policy brief outlines a set of recommendations aimed at empowering local authorities in Yemen to effectively provide services and lead local economic development. The aim is to analyze and draw lessons from three ongoing tracks that seek to empower local authorities in Yemen, while also addressing the challenges and opportunities associated with these efforts.

The analysis concludes that building consensus between the central government and local authorities is of paramount importance for the successful empowerment of local authorities. It is imperative to address political concerns and achieve a minimum level of political consensus in order for these efforts to move forward. Furthermore, it is crucial to overcome challenges related to financing, enhance transparency and accountability, and build local capacity.

The Development Champions Forum therefore recommends the importance of establishing clear and precise guiding principles for the distribution of powers and authorities between the center and local authorities. It also emphasizes leveraging the potential of the private sector to drive economic growth, create job opportunities, provide services, and invest in local communities. Lastly, it encourages partnerships between international organizations, donors, and local authorities towards empowering local authorities in providing services and local economic development.