Deterioration Of The Foreign Exchange Rate Of The Yemeni Rial

The Development Champions Forum held multiple online discussions in the period from 20-24 June 2020 to discuss the reasons behind the recent deterioration in the foreign exchange rate of the Yemeni rial. The Champions also discussed possible immediate interventions that can be applied by the concerned parties to curb the rial’s depreciation against foreign currencies. Download the PDF report below to read the summary of those discussions and the resulting recommendations.

The Development Champions Forum has followed with the appreciation of the great interest in its latest Flash Report, published on 7 July 2020, which summarized the outcomes of the Forum’s discussions related to the deterioration of the foreign exchange rate of the Yemeni rial. The constructive debates that the report instigated among the relevant stakeholders is a clear reflection of the Forum’s mission of engaging and promoting experienced and knowledgeable Yemeni voices to put forth visions, plans, and recommendations on key topics in Yemen.

Accordingly, the Forum responded to a number of requests for clarification received regarding one of the recommendations listed in the Flash Report to address the challenge of divided monetary policy in Yemen. Download the PDF file below to read the DCF's clarification.